Infoways Media maintain a high ethical standard and professional integrity when its comes to maintain secrecy & protection. Infoways Media respects IP rights, takes it very seriously and emphasizes on enforcing number of protection steps. We have no documented process but in development center, USB, CD drives, External Disk are blocked and disabled. Firewall is used to limited and block internet access for sites like emails, sport, entertainment etc. We keep privacy by not allowing non-staff member into head & development centers.

Infoways Media is always open to take steps mention below :

  • NDA Signing with clients/customers.
  • Authorship agreements with clients/customers.
  • Every employee, at time of joining signs a contract which includes protection clauses.
  • Secured network and monitored usage.
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Hiren and his team are great! They are very dependable, and deliver a great Drupal Website. He skillfully communicates any development issues that might not make sense, and ensures we have a complete understanding of the development process. I will continue to use hiren and his team for all of my upcoming projects.

Jonathn Perry